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St John Neumann Catholic School

At St. John Neumann Catholic School, our faculty are committed to encouraging the highest levels of academic achievement from every student.  Our small class sizes create closer relationships between student and professor, and these relationships positively impact the academic, social, and spiritual growth of both student and faculty alike.

Our diverse faculty are an integral part of our students’ education, combining teaching quality with industry experience to help prepare our students in their chosen field of study. See below to find out more about some of our faculty members. Schedule a campus visit today to find out more about our programs, tour our facilities, and explore our class offerings, and meet our faculty!

Joyce Baca Anderson, Administrator

Joyce Baca Anderson, Administrator

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Cheryl Salay, Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Pankey, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Pankey, KindergartenKindergarteners are working on reading short words and writing their numbers. On parents night, the kindergarten class performed for their parents. They sang songs about reading and math concepts they have learned. The parents also had an opportunity to see the kindergarten quilt that will be auctioned on November 13th.

In computers they made paint pictures of 5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate. This was to reinforce the work that they were doing in class. They also saw 5 different videos demonstrating the story with felt pictures, clayanimation, animated pictures and words and a video called, Just visuals which was a video with instrumental sound in the background.

Kindergarten is learning so much in all subject areas. We celebrated the 100th day of school with the fifth graders. They came in to help us do 100th day themed centers. Please come into our class and see our handprints hanging, we did that by counting by 10’s to 100! We also made 100 day trail mix, which was fun to count and fun to eat! Since the beginning of the year, we have been looking for-ward to the 100th day be-cause we have been earning a penny for everyday we are in school. So now we have earned a dollar!

To wrap it all up . . . the class says, "Kindergarten is FUN!!"



Mrs. Welte, 1st Grade Teacher


Mrs. Jennifer WelteReading in first grade is our major focus. Daily reading instruction includes decoding skills, phonic skills comprehension skills, and building reading fluency skills.  Students have many opportunities to read – daily they read with leveled reading books which are according to the students’ reading ability, independent reading with the Accelerated Reading program

Saxon Math introduces continuous practice and reinforcement of basic math skills through guided class practice, parent involvement with homework practice, and daily math class meetings that include calendar activities, weather, number patterns, etc.

Language Arts include writing, spelling and learning grammar – noun, verb, pronoun, adjective identification.  



Dr. Ricotta, 2nd Grade Teacher

A Day in Second Grade

Dr Constance RicottaSecond grade is an exciting year. The students are academically doing well. This is the year that they are beginning to receive grades and are academically being challenged. In second grade, we have six subjects; as well as, music, and physical education.

In reading, the students are reading chapter books and discovering the journey of reading. They read daily from the Open Court curriculum and from a daily read and respond. The students are academically advanced because of the core curriculum of reading that takes place at St. John Neumann.

In spelling the student’s are given 15 words every week and 5 bonus words. Some of the words are from the dictionary and the other come from Open Court Reading.  

In English, the second grade is studying from the Voyages in English curriculum. This curriculum is designed to teach second graders how to write and understand proper sentences. It demonstrates the basic parts of a sentence and how to develop students into great writers.

In Math, we have a Saxon Math curriculum. This curriculum teaches the students how to tackle word problems, builds basic math skills, and develops higher order thinking.

In Religion, the students not only participate in monthly mass, but they also participate in a curriculum called Blessed are We. This book teaches the basic principles in the catholic faith and demonstrated morals, values, and ethics in daily living.

In Science, the students are discovering how things are made, how things work, and learning about the scientific process.

The second grade has been very busy with their core curriculum, which includes reading, writing, and arithmetic. In reading every student is in a chapter book. Some students are reading at a sixth grade level. They are also learning the proper placement of paper and how to write.  In Math the students are working on addition, subtraction, and word problems. Soon, the students will be learning the beginning stages of paragraph writing and the writing process. The students have been working on book reports through out the school year. They have created dioramas and have dressed as their book character. Next, the students have been using the dictionary to define a spelling word and to help with the understanding. The students are also asked to draw a picture of the word, write a sentence, and to air write their word. This helps with those who are visual learners.

Next, the students are getting ready to study bible verses, the Ten Commandments, Saints, the Sacraments, the New and Old Testament, and the Feasts and Seasons of the Catholic Church. The second grade just got done studying Advent, Reconciliation, and the process of Baptism. The students are also learning the difference between a mortal and venial sin and why respecting God is important.  In October, the students participated in the all Saints day mass and dressed as their favorite saint.

Finally, in Science the students just got done studying plants, animals, and the process of the life cycle. The students created Dinosaurs out of wood and are displayed outside of the classrooms. In the future, the students will be studying life science, planets, and the human body. We will be taking our yearly field trips to the Planetarium to study the solar system and KOAA TV to watch and be part of a live broad cast and learn about the weather. We have been so busy in second grade, but we are academically excelling in all aspects and growing as lifelong learners.



Mrs. Starcer, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jean StarcerScience, Reading & Religion is the focus for this Third Grade Update Third Graders are working on dioramas and reports on habitats. The habitat must include plants and animals. Their dioramas can be seen in the hallway outside Mrs. Starcer’s classroom.

The third graders took a field trip to El Centro de Los Pobres to deliver everything the school collected dur-ing our Lenten Almsgiving project. Mark Finn’s un-cle, Jack Jaques, drove a trailer loaded with all of the generous donations. Sister Nancy said that they really appreciate the donations. We toured the Los Pobres Center. We saw the doctor’s office there. We also saw that they had all the clothes hung on shelves. We all had a good time at Los Pobres. After we went to Los Pobres we went to Wendy’s and the park. We had a wonderful field trip.



Mr. Zschokke, 4th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Brown, 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer BrownThe Fifth grade is an important element in preparation for middle school. The students are beginning to achieve academic success through higher order thinking and enrichment strategies. In Fifth grade students incorporates Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies, and Science. There are six core subjects; as well as, physical education and music. Each student strives towards academic success and reaches their highest potential through each core subject and academic involvement. Students’ behavioral expectations are encouraged through the six-pillars of character and are recognized school wide. Each student is beginning their preparation for middle school and the future though the St. John Neumann mission and the devotion from the wonderful staff. We hope this is achieved through mind, body, and spirit. Overall, the Fifth grade is a wonderful year because students are beginning to realize that they are now preparing for the future. 



Mrs. Santistevan, 6th-8th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

Mrs. Geraldine Trujillo Santistevan6th graders have been busy. Here are some examples of what we have been learning. In Math we have been busy with multiplying negative and positive numbers, working with variable expressions, and Mathletics. We just took a science test on the laws of motion and we will be learning about light and color. In social studies we will be learning about India. Our Scary stories are almost done and we finished our book reports.

So far this year, its been a load of work but we have learned a lot. We thank our 6th grade teachers, especially Mr. C since he is our main 6th grade teacher.





Mr. Farbo, 6th – 8th Grade Mathematics & Assistant Principal

Mr. Brad FarboThe primary goal of the middle school program is to provide a wide range of intellectual and social experiences for early adolescents.  The basic foundation of the middle school program is designed to be rigorous which helps prepare our students for high school programs.

The 6th -8th grade core content program is more departmentalized.  This organizational type features academic specialized teachers for the various subject areas.  The small classes provide for differentiated instruction based upon the student needs. Music, foreign language, technology, physical education, and religion classes round out the core academic program of English/language arts, math, science, and social studies.   Significant time is devoted to critical thinking and comprehensive writing. The rigorous academic program supports the needs of students to question, explore, shape their beliefs, and building their skills for high school programs.



Mrs. Torrie Martinez, 6th-8th Grade Religion

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Mr. Leo Laprarie, 6-8th Grade Science & Transportation

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Mrs. Diana Larsen, K-8 Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Diana Larsen

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Mr. Bobby Martinez, K-8 Physical Education Teacher

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Ms. Norah Clydesdale, Preschool-8th Grade Music

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Mrs. Laura Guzman, Preschool Teacher

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Mrs. Tina Ortiz, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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Mr. Mike Davis, Facility

Mr. Mike Davis

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Mr. Mike Oreskovich, Facility

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Mrs. Mercy Plascencia, SRDA Foster Grandparent to St. John Neumann Catholic School

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