In 1971, a Catholic alternative to public education in Pueblo ceased to exist. During the subsequent years, with the help of a few business partners, Sister Liguori Sullivan opened St. John Neumann Catholic School. Approval of Bishop Charles A. Buswell was sought and obtained in January, 1977. St. John Neumann Catholic School was incorporated in the State of Colorado, in July of the same year. September 1977, under the leadership of a ten-member Board of Directors, the St. John Neumann Elementary School opened with an enrollment of 87 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The Our Lady of the Assumption School building was rented and housed the elementary students until September 1982.
In September 1979, a second facility, St. Mary’s Education Center, was leased to accommodate a newly organized middle school. Expansion of St. John Neumann Catholic School continued through the years until it was evident that larger facilities were needed. In 1982 two facilities were leased to St. John Neumann Catholic School; spring 1982, the former Pueblo Seton Catholic High School was leased from Bishop Tafoya and the former Lakeview Elementary School was leased from the Pueblo School District No. 60 Board of Education August 1982.
With the addition of a preschool in 1985, the school system was reorganized to the elementary grade levels (preschool through fifth grade) at the Lakeview Building and the middle school grade levels (sixth grade through eighth grade) at the Seton Building. Father Stauter, a strong supporter of St. John Neumann Catholic School, left a majority of his estate to our school. In 1994, with the special assistance of the Stauter estate the St. John Neumann School System purchased the Lakeview Elementary Building; thereafter, the site became known as the Stauter Campus.
Since 1977 we are continuing to provide a quality preschool through eighth grade education program. The St. John Neumann Catholic School family comes from all walks of life, united by a common goal of education excellence.

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