Welcome to St John Neumann Cahtollic SchoolSt. John Neumann Catholic School challenges students to develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits to excel. St. John Neumann Catholic School continuously assesses student progress to ensure that the highest quality education is available to each student enrolled. Reading, writing, and mathematics are priorities in your child’s total academic program.

The teaching staff is highly qualified, and dedicated to continuous improvement in their teaching skills and student achievement. The instructional program is aligned with the Colorado academic standards. Our instructional delivery is research-based best practices with explicit and systematic instruction for whole class instruction, small group instruction, and/or individualized instruction. Guided practice and independent practice time including homework activities help the child learn the instructional objectives.

Academics at  St John Neumann Catholic SchoolRegular assessments including the TerraNova standardized achievement test indicate your child’s progress and proficiency levels in the core academic areas. Students will receive report cards at the end of each nine-week period and interim progress reports will be available through Edline, the web-based access program. Parent-teacher-student conferences will be scheduled at least once each semester. Time will be allotted for a mid-year conference which may be scheduled by either the teacher or the parent. At any time a parent, the teacher, or the principal may request a conference to discuss the child’s strengths and needs.

St. John Neumann Catholic School’s commitment to a learning process is reflected in a curriculum that adjusts to the unique needs of individual students while respecting the rights, interests, and personal dignity of each child. The school’s sound academic curriculum prepares students to become productive members of society in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive. The curriculum at our school encompasses the following subject areas: Religion, Language Arts, and Reading (Grades K — 5), Literature (Grades 6 — 8), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Technology, Foreign Language, and Physical Education.


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