Physical Education

Children will be participating in physical education activities at least four times a week. Physical education includes standards-based activities including health and fitness activities which are developmentally appropriate for our students.

Appropriate dress is very important to ensure the safety of each student. Clothing should be comfortable for exercise and shoes should tie such that the shoes will not slip off during running activities.

For your child’s safety, no sandals or flip-flops are to be worn on the days students have PE classes. Girls are to wear shorts under skirts or dresses if such attire is worn on PE days.


Instrumental Music Instructional Team– Ms Norah Clydsdale.

The performing and fine arts are critical to your child’s learning. Research indicates that students who participate in music activities expand their creative abilities, grow in self-confidence, and have better attendance at school. We teach music – not because we expect your child to major in music, not because we expect your child to play or sing lifelong, not so your child can relax and have fun but...

  • So your child will be well-rounded
  • So your child will recognize the beauty of music
  • So your child will be sensitive and connected to the world of music
  • So your child will have more love, compassion, gentleness, as your child experiences rhythm, song, tones, diversity within the world of music.

All students play a musical instrument

  • Kindergarten through third grade students play Suzuki violin
  • Fourth graders participate in an exploratory instrumental music program that introduces the students to the various types of instruments including brass, woodwinds, percussion, etc.
  • Fifth through eighth grade students are in small ensemble music groups


Religious education comprises the heartbeat at St. John Neumann Catholic School. The goal of the religion curriculum is to instill in students an enthusiasm for living the Catholic faith and to provide an in-depth religious education that includes experiences in prayer, the sacraments, and service, while stressing the integration of Christian principles into the total curriculum. All classes participate in daily prayer and monthly liturgies, celebrating a variety of themes that directly relate to everyday living. In addition, students celebrate special occasions such as feast days of patron saints, Christmas with pageants and programs. The middle school age students may participate in a retreat. Through the retreats, students are given time for quiet reflection, peer interaction, and self-evaluation, as well as the opportunity to bond with one another.

Students put their faith into action through participation in varied community service projects. During the school year, Student Council or individual classes may sponsor food drives for the poor, almsgiving during Lent, recycling projects, donations to the Posada and/or Los Pobres. Religion is the thread that weaves faculty, staff, students, and parents together. RCL Benzinger "Blest are We" religious instructional materials are utilized for daily instruction.

The policy of the school regarding the reception of the initial sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation is in accordance with the Diocesan guidelines; the children receive these sacraments in their respective parishes. It is the parents’ responsibility of fulfilling the specific requirement of their respective parish in preparation for the reception of these sacraments.

Mass is scheduled twice a month and held in the school gym. Each grade level has an opportunity to help with the planning and presentation of the mass. Priests from the Pueblo community volunteer their services to celebrate mass with our school community. The Bishop celebrates mass with us at least twice a year.

St. John Neumann Feast Day!
The Feast Day of St. John Neumann is January 5th.

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