Instrumental Music Instructional Team– Ms Norah Clydsdale.

The performing and fine arts are critical to your child’s learning. Research indicates that students who participate in music activities expand their creative abilities, grow in self-confidence, and have better attendance at school. We teach music – not because we expect your child to major in music, not because we expect your child to play or sing lifelong, not so your child can relax and have fun but...

  • So your child will be well-rounded
  • So your child will recognize the beauty of music
  • So your child will be sensitive and connected to the world of music
  • So your child will have more love, compassion, gentleness, as your child experiences rhythm, song, tones, diversity within the world of music.

All students play a musical instrument

  • Kindergarten through third grade students play Suzuki violin
  • Fourth graders participate in an exploratory instrumental music program that introduces the students to the various types of instruments including brass, woodwinds, percussion, etc.
  • Fifth through eighth grade students are in small ensemble music groups

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